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Anton Osypa
Kiev Recruiter

Middle Full Stack Python Developer


About our client:
Our client provides the most relevant and actionable cybersecurity data to decision makers to help them reliably strengthen their defenses against the constantly changing cyber threat landscape.


  • Adding features to existing modules - both back-end and front-end
  • Developing from scratch of new modules - db, back-end, and front-end - from design, through execution, to a product
  • Maintaining code and infrastructure
  • Fixing bugs


  • Minimum 1 year of experience
  • Good English skills, both verbal and written
  • Programming Languages - Python

- e.g. understanding the emphasis on modular code (the pythonish way)

  • Experience with front-end technologies - HTML, js(jquery)

- e.g. understanding of an HTML-templates, either jinja, Django or PHP-like

  • Familiarity with maintaining running environments in DevOps
  • Experience with MVC web frameworks ( Django) and ORM engines

- e.g. important to understand MVC design pattern in general
- experience with ORM (abstraction and dynamic query building capabilities)

  • Very good grasp on Linux system administration ( e.g; clear understanding of the structure and key components ).

- e.g. proven bash experience and CLI tools
- a clear understanding of the OS structure - disk partitioning, boot/init order, package management
- key components - apache-server, MySQL-server, ssh-server

  • Networking on a good level - is a must.

- proven experience in implementing client-server software 
- good grasp and experience working with distributed systems and their orchestration

  • A Clear understanding of Source Control aspects, especially branching and merging.
  • Must MySQL experience - both setting up, configuring and programming.

- storage engines
- relations
- indexes
- optimization
- replication
- schema design (from user requirements)

  • Cloud operation and integration experience

- programming against API of either AWS or Google - must
- continuous deployment handling experience - images, snapshots, etc.

  • Someone who strongly desires to get into a technically diverse and challenging role in cyber security
  • Ability and willingness to occasionally work unusual or extra hours

The company offers:

  • Work in distributed agile teams with the right processes in place;
  • Direct cooperation with the customer;
  • Dedicated HR-Client Manager and Agile Coach to help you succeed;
  • Regular performance reviews with the customer facilitated by HR;
  • Agile  trainings  and mentorship programs, various tech  trainings, conferences participation and English classes;
  • Regular corporate events;
  • Competitive salary and benefits package that includes wide medical insurance, 20 vacation days, 10 sick leaves.

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