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Nina Alexandrova
Dnepropetrovsk Branch Manager. HR/Client Manager

Technical Consultant / Agile Project Manager


We’re looking for a Technical Consultant / Agile Project Manager to join our team in Dnipro office as a part time member.


  • Fluent English
  • 6-10 years of experience as developer, team lead, PM in outsource/outstaff company. 
  • Good understanding of all roles in software development process
  • Experience in working with 6+ foreign clients, establishing processes both on outsource side and client side
  • Having enough confidence, knowledge and charisma to consult client, not just being an executer. It’s important to know how to explain correctly and goodly both in English and Russian.
  • Having certificate of Scrum Master, Product Owner. It will be a plus if you were a lead at such trainings 
  • Understanding of lean, kanban, waterfall, devops
  • Good understanding of tools like task trackers,pm tools, scrum dashboards, etc
  • Having experience in programming and easy in communicating with developers and technically skilled clients
  • Having no will to make 100% scrum from everything that writes a code and ready to work in conditions of not 100% scrum
  • Proactive, self-starter, opportunity driven, ambitious 
  • GTD person with a good sense of ownership
  • Successful various experience of handling ‘screwjobs’ and issues


  • Involvement in clients’ teams
  • Consulting/coaching/training for teams and Client Service Manager and Retention Consultants 
  • Win-win crisis management — transforming management issues in teams to business growth opportunities 

About Daxx:
Daxx is a leading Dutch supplier of IT teams. Currently Daxx employs more than 170 specialists in our offices in Ukraine. We help more than 50 of our clients establish their own development teams in one of our development centers.

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